Hey there! I’m Wageedah Salie, founder of One Story Creative

You know how people sometimes  have GORGEOUS BOOK COVERS and yet it still fails to connect with their ideal audience. Failing to give them the reach and impact they desire.

Well, when I started my nonfiction book cover career. It started in Trad Publishing. An industry governed by meticulous marketing and research to ensure ROI (Return on Investment) with authors.  To ensure that a book cover had the best capability to connect with a buyer. A book cover was NEVER just a gorgeous book cover. Even when the book cover looked stupidly simple. The work was done.

This is how I was taught to create a book cover.

And this is what we do at One Story Creative.

This was also where I got my exposure to book marketing and sales.  And in-house we have adapted these strategies suit the Self-publishing industry. But the principle remains the same.

Regular training with industry leaders to keep us up to date with marketing trends and practices allows us to move with the times. And give you exposure to the most effective techniques. To build you a marketing plan specific to your book’s needs. Giving your book the best chance to thrive.


One of the cornerstones to having a profitable and long-term performing book, is the right book cover. Ask Michael Santos who had a 122% increase in his click rate or Jen Ponce whose increase rate was 51% when they changed covers to a better researched cover. You see, the job of a book cover is to get readers to click on it or pick it up. The job of the description is to get the reader to buy.


Book marketing is like an onion with many, many layers. And to us, here at One Story Creative, the first layer is triggering that infamous Amazon Algorithm. Because, when this happens Amazon does A LOT of your marketing at no cost to you. You get featured on their site and emails. Who doesn’t want some of that free exposure?