This cover was the complete opposite of the design brief. We provided Ann with a two design choices in line with her instruction. And then this one, our curve ball design. Once we did our research and found that an emotive cover was more in line with the genre. We decided to include one in the concepts as well. It worked out really well as the author fell in love on sight. And when she tested the cover before the launch with her audience, the feedback was great too!


Kenzie wanted a cover that was professional but bold and eye-catching as well. She came to us with a pic that we could possibly use. After seeing our round of concepts. One of which had her pic in it, she decided to go with one of our other designs presented. We made some tweaks to it and this was the final product. Professional and bold colors which work well with the color psychology for this genre.


This book had a previous cover that did nothing for it in the categories it was placed in. Beige, brown, gold and orange was the previous color scheme. The old cover wasn’t bad per say but it didn’t fit well into the genre. It didn’t give off any techno or finance vibe. And quite simply stood out for all the wrong reasons in its categories. Making the book appear amateur. There was a lot of text we  needed to work with the author was quite firm that he needed everything to stand out. I think the end result ticked all the necessary boxes.


Sara had a looming deadline. Which was about 1 week out from when she came to us. In typical fashion when you’re racing against the clock – everything went wrong. Our first concepts were not approved and we had a crazy power outage. We took it back to the drawing board, working through the night and created 2 concepts she really really liked and struggled choosing between the two. The purple design won. It was well received with her audience and she launched on time.


Danelle had an established brand and an existing design framework  So, from the word go we knew what our color palette and elements would be. Our aim was clear; keep it on-brand, make sure it stands out in Kindle AND have a happy client. She was very happy with our first concept. It was tweaked a bit and then we eventually ended up going back to the exact design we first brought to the table. Sometimes these things happen. In the end the final cover got a thumbs up all round!


Dr Cara and I went through one round of  designs with her not liking any of it. She didn’t have a definitive idea of what her cover should look like though.  It was more about creating a feeling. The subject matter was so completely foreign to me and there was no other books out there to really compare. So I just completely missed the mark. I took a design break from the cover for a week to just really think about it. Came back with what was essentially one design, with 2 versions of it. She loved both! Tested it with her audience and chose this one.


This was our first project together. And our first unicorn one. A unicorn cover is when a client asks for no tweaks on the cover. They’re just happy with everything about it. A magical moment where expectation and delivery meets! And a testament to how a good brief can function effectively. 


Another cover for Russ – again a unicorn cover. You’ll also notice that Russ’s two books are not branded the same. This is quite simply because they’re not a series and they speak to different audiences. He does not have an umbrella ‘brand’ to pull it all together so the covers could be quite different. 


Symon has an existing brand whose visuals lends itself to the vintage silent movies. In making the cover of his auto-biography we had to keep to this style. He uses strong black and white imagery on his website and social media and add pops of color, mainly red and yellow. We paired this with a art deco font to increase the silent movie feel of the book and to keep it on-brand.


  • Are you ready to put a face to your heart and soul project?
  • Do you want to give your book the best chance to thrive?
  • Reach your audience with a cover that speaks directly to them?